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[Not So] Silent Night


Sing it, Gray! [the first 30 seconds or less are really it. just fyi!]

Sleepy Sunday

You know what heaven is?

It’s breakfast for dinner.

It’s long, lazy, deep-breathing, drool-worthy naps.

Where the air is thick and muffled.

It’s perfect company.

And delightful conversation.


Play Time!

For the grandparents, aunts, and others who don’t care about what I do in my kitchen. :) haha

Oh Mariah

When I was pregnant with the boys, I posted about how they love Mariah. Today, “All I want for Christmas is you” was stuck in my head. I caught myself singing it every now and again and the video is what happened every time. What can I say? My boy loves him some Mariah. {sidenote: I sing to the boys all.the.time. There is never a reaction anywhere close to this. Cracks me up.}

Not sure how Gray feels about miss Mariah. He was sleeping. He has had a rough, drooly, day. 3.5 months is too early for teething, so what’s going on? Thoughts?