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Play Time!

For the grandparents, aunts, and others who don’t care about what I do in my kitchen. :) haha

4 comments to Play Time!

  • O.K. So cute and so sweet! Don’t you just love to watch them and chat with them and see their tricks and watch their every little movement? I love that Gray kept laughing at your mouth noise. We currently think that a dog bark is funny ;) We have the same jumper, it’s so fun when they start wiggling around in it! Glad you’re having so fun. :)
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  • michelle

    im in love!!

  • lindsey

    My 2 year old and 3 year old loved it! They thought it was hilarious when he would laugh! ( it took me the first 2 minutes just to convince my 2 year old that it wasn’t his baby sister)

  • Trina

    hahaha those giggles kill me. they are so fun, and you are an adorable mom

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