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Oh Mariah

When I was pregnant with the boys, I posted about how they love Mariah. Today, “All I want for Christmas is you” was stuck in my head. I caught myself singing it every now and again and the video is what happened every time. What can I say? My boy loves him some Mariah. {sidenote: I sing to the boys all.the.time. There is never a reaction anywhere close to this. Cracks me up.}

Not sure how Gray feels about miss Mariah. He was sleeping. He has had a rough, drooly, day. 3.5 months is too early for teething, so what’s going on? Thoughts?

7 comments to Oh Mariah

  • Ashley

    Hey Kristin! We just had our 2 month check up with our girls and the pediatrician mentioned that around 3 months, babies can become more drooly, fussy and might not sleep as well for bit and you might think they’re regressing, but I guess it’s just a short thing? Maybe he’s just going through that? They start to produce more saliva at that age and don’t really know what to do with it, too, he said. I’m not an expert by any means… But maybe that would explain it..?

  • This is so sweet :) I love that you sing to your boys–and they obviously love it too–at least when you sing Mariah. ;)
    Stephanie Purcell recently posted..Another Summer Salad!

  • Dude, this is when Hadley started teething. Totally happens with some kids. Good luck if thats the case :/ Loved the video though! I can’t believe how interactive he is – They are too big :( Bring them back!

  • Isaac got really drooly around 2 1/2 – 3 months but is just now (at 7 1/2 months) cutting his first tooth. It’s like all of a sudden his salivary glands started working. He was going through 3+ bibs a day for awhile and it just started getting better once he started eating solids 3 times a day. If it looks like the drooling is here to stay and you have some leftover PUL from making diapers you may try making some cute bibs with this tutorial. I was going to make some and then he stopped drooling so much.
    Becca recently posted..7 Months

  • you should probably all sit down and watch Glitter. i’m not sure if i really mean that.
    katilda recently posted..confession: nerdy literature

  • Annie

    That video is so cute! They are getting so big! Like Danica’s baby, Ella started teething at 3.5 months, so there’s a possibility that Gray could be teething. Poor baby!

  • Nancy

    What did grandparents do before Skype and video? !!! When do we get to see you again? He is completely adorable and so in love with you and your voice. Completely love it=)

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